CutControl download

Guy’s CutControl download is now live on download page.


Going to shop tomorrow to plug in control box. Feel my way around this progam.


Thanks, been waiting for that. Nothing really to see without a machine connected though, pretty much everything is grayed out. Obviously designed for a large screen, buttons are pretty tiny on my little windows tablet PC

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All right I got it installed and connected it to the control box. I have several fusion files I have designed over the last 5 months. Ha Ha.
Well, its probably me but CutControl is not showing the part itself, just the tool path. Hopefully its me and I’m doing something wrong or don’t have something turn on correctly in fusion

CutControl takes the lines of g-code and uses that to visualize the toolpath like below. Are you not seeing this for your file? Also, did you post your programs using our CutControl post processor for fusion from our downloads page?


That’s what I’m seeing exactly. I thought I would see the actual part. That’s ok now I know its not me or my file.
Thanks Mike