Cut60 burned resistor

Thanks for the offer, as long as it’s working I’ll let it be. I never leave it when it’s on and the fire extinguisher is 2ft away from it.


With 2 years of warranty remaining, surely if it is going to become a point of failure, it will have happened by then.

However… I would save any emails or dates that you discussed with PW in case it fails AFTER the warranty. If you haven’t sent an email to them documenting it, I would do that. You can remind them it was reported to them and dismissed as not being a concern. You also have this thread as evidence.


George as a PSA (I’ll let everyone get back to the toasted marshmallow in a second.

Is cleaning your Plasma cutter or welder as easy as popping the cover and blowing everything nice and clean with dry air… or should we be shop vacing the internals?

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Just blowing it out with air works most of the time. If its bad I use a 1" paint brush to clean the boards the blow them off. Never use solvents or parts cleaner, even some electronics cleaner can cause trouble.


Please don’t whack it full force with your 125psi air compressor. Be gentle. When blowing out fans, don’t spin them up to crazy RPM. Hold the fan blade still, then blow off the dust.


That is very good advice about the fans, I always forget to say that.


@72Pony, yup still working fine on Divided voltage no doubt. I need to see if they want it back, it’s been over a year. :joy:

Here’s a pic from the manual of the parts list, looks like at one point they might have used (or planned on using) a resistor with better heat dissipation.

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If you go to his picture top right the spring is a large resistor, that is what they are referring to in the manual.

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So it’s the same as cleaning my PC out.
(For the record you need to clean the dust and “other” things out of your PC every now and again (once a year every 6 months…or if you’re like me every time you take one part out or add a new part)

Thanks Guys.
Now back to burnt resistor talk.

I love burnt resistor talk.

I’ve repaired electronics for 50+ years and can say that resistor should have never been mounted flush to the board-even the Chinese know this !
If it was my cutter I’d put a metal case wirewound resistor mounted on a heat sink remote off of the board and multiple parallel resistors are better than one for getting rid of the heat-amazon has the right resistors you need to fix it properly