CUT45 THC input Cable

I’ve got a RazorCUT 45 plasma cutter, I need a CUT45 THC input cable can someone give a link so I can order one please.

Type in the cable type to Amazon and they will give at least 3 vendors that sell the cables.

I tried typing CUT45 THC input cable in amazon but it brought up things that were obviously not it. Langmuir systems said everything I need should come with my machine, but this never came and I need it.

reach out to
tell them the issue…it may just have been missed

Thanks again toolboy.

The cable you need is a USB 2.0 printer cable, Type A to a Type B. Amazon sells different lengths from 2 ft. to 25 ft. where a 25 ft. costs around $10.

The cable I need isn’t a USB I think you maybe mistaking what I need for a different cable and besides langmuir systems support is already sending me it, but thanks anyways.