Cut stops 10 seconds in torch still firing

I have an issue with my crossfire. It was cutting fine for 4 months then started freezing during cuts. I added the usb cable choke things and separated all wires to rule out interference that fixed it for around 1 month now its doing it again. anything else i can try?

I keep my Plasma cutter separated from the control cabinet by as much distance as possible, and the computer separated from the plasma and table by as much as possible also (20ft USB shielded cable with Ferrites at both ends). I am using a a Dell Optiplex and I found removing the ground pin from it as well as the ground pin from the monitor (this is going to freak out a lot of people I know :boom:) gives me optimum interference mitigation. Works for me.

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Cletus is also know to wear a tinfoil hat from time to time



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