Cut speeds for 10gapolushed stainless using razorweld cut 45 plasma

Cut speeds for 10 ga stainless using razorweld cut 45 plasma cutter

I would have to go out and look at files on my machine 35 amps 40 IPM sounds close with a .8 tip

Closest the Google vsheet we’re building has is this entry:

Stainless steel 0.06 16 30 95 RW45 1.0mm drag .060 shim

So .06" or 16ga at 30A/95ipm with a 1mm tip. So Richard’s settings look like a good place to start as they’re a bit more power & slower speed.

Once you get it dialed in, please post what worked & I’ll update the sheet.


Keen to access/contribute to the cut sheet. Is that possible? If so can you remind me how?

I have a bunch of test plates/data for both thermal dynamics cutskill 35 and cutmaster 10mm

Thanks in advance,


Just go to Google Sheets - here’s the link: (anyone with the link can edit it)

Thanks. Didn’t realise it was just for the razorweld. Was able to get the link working though so will take a look.

Should I start a seperate sheet for different machine or have people done that on here already?


Hypertherm provides one from the factory which seems to be good. Haven’t seen another for any other machines. This one works for the 2 Razorweld models that Langmuir sells (the 30 & 45).