Cut speed is not changing after adjusting Feed rate in SheetCam

Hi - I am trying to slow down the feed rate on my cut but Firecontrol doesn’t seem to be understanding sheetcam feed rate changes.

Firecontrol V21.1.5
Hyp45 XP with Machine torch + THC

Another piece of the puzzle is that when I try to slow down the cut speed by 90% even the torch still moves at the same speed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Are you doing this with path rules or just changing the feed rate in the tool?

I’m changing the feed rate in the tool. I just took a quick look at the different path rules but that is new to me.

I did find a work around with editing the gcode:
In my cutting operation I set the feed rate to 5560 mm/sec. After I run the post processor, I open up the Code editor and manually changed the G1/G2 codes with an F at the end because the feed rate that Sheetcam was outputting was F333600.0 which I just realized is (5560 * 60)… like it is doing a unit conversion. I suppose I can divide my desired feed rate by 60 for my tool and I’ll get the correct output after I post process it.

Maybe I need to change something in the program settings so I don’t have to do the work around?

Thanks for your help!

Start by checking the units under “options”, “application options”. Select the “units” tab and make sure the units selected are what you want to use.

I suspect this is a mm/min vs mm/sec issue.

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Good suggestions - the units are in mm/sec. I switched it to another unit, restarted the program and then my feed rate was really wonky. I switched it back to mm/sec and the same issue remains when I look at the code.

can you open sheetcam…go to HELP tab…then open ABOUT…tell us what it shows…
something like this?

OK. If you have it set at mm/sec and you are putting in the mm/min value, it will multiply it by 60, because Firecontrol only uses mm/min or IPM(inches per minute).

If you want to use mm/sec, you need to calculate what that would be. For example, 2000mm/min is 33.3333mm/sec.

If you are using metric, setting the speed units at mm/min. is going to make things easier, as most charts list speed in mm/min.

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Yep - that is exactly it! below that is some text about “This product is unregistered”

Yeah - you are so right! I can’t believe I missed this - I just missed the mm/min. My cut chart says right in it mm/min and for some reason I chose mm/sec and then got it stuck in my head that way. :man_facepalming: Thanks a ton for pointing that out!

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did you buy a licence for sheetcam?

I did not - I have been doing prototype work so far. I need to review what my limitations are - the one thing I noticed is a limitation on a number of lines of code which hasn’t been an issue with post processing a design so far. Do you think it is worth buying?

The question can be translated, “Do I want to do anything useful with my CrossFire?” :wink: :beers:

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:joy: that answers the question :+1:

It’s definitely worth buying. The 180 line limit on the code will limit you to small simple parts. A small rectangle plate with 4 oval slots for caster wheels was 167 lines of code.

Yeah - I have been doing simple things like that as well but will definitely be moving into more complicated designs… especially now that it is working properly (: Thanks for all the help here!

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