Cut size is different than what I put in

Ok so here is what’s going on. I created a design that was supposed to come out exactly 33". 10 gauge steel, 72.5 psi 60 ipm, 35amps. In sheetcam. I open it in fire control and the size reading says 33.04" I finish the cut and measure it and it came out to 32.75". How or what do I do to fix this? Just the size difference. The cut quality is perfect. Thank you

Loose motor coupler probably.

What’s your kerf setting?

Motor couplers are tight. The kerf is .0591. Thats the standard setting for sheetcam. The kerf is the only thing I haven’t adjusted due to not knowing what it is.

Is the perimeter cut set for “Outside” in Sheetcam?


I’m not sure where to find that

A youtube video tutorial would be easier for you but I’ll give the basic rundown here:

Have a part open on your workpiece in Sheetcam
Have a Tool setup for your plasma and metal thickness (middle left window)
Have Edit Contours icon active in main toolbar
In Operations window lower left, click ‘create new jet cutting operation’, floating window opens
First thing you see is ‘Contour Method’ with a dropdown to select ‘Outside Offset’
Then select your Layer, by default is ‘Layer 1’
Select Tool dropdown for the plasma/metal thickness you made previous

As you get more involved and have inside and outside cuts, you will need to either name your own layers or fiddle with defaults. Inside and outside cuts do require different IPM for best quality as well as the different offsets to cut a correctly designed size.

While the Sheetcam interface has changed a little with version 7, it is wise to watch some tutorials from Arclight on youtube. That will show you most of what you’ll ever need. I knew nothing about Sheetcam a year ago and now use it regularly without issue.