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Hey guys quick question. When I am performing multiple cuts of the same shape I always have one or two pieces that will get a small entry nick on them (see pic below). I am using Fusion 360, and all of the cut paths are setup the same. I am cutting 1/8" at 86IPM. It is just odd that it only happens to a couple of pieces, but not all of them.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Add a small extra object with pierce first before the main pieces. It is common that the first pierce of a cutting sequence will be larger than the rest. Beyond that, you may need longer lead in lead out. Try different options and see what improves it.

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Or your pierce delay is too long.

Pierce delay is currently set at 1 second.

Whoa…for that thin gauge you should be around 0.5

Really for 1/8”? I though 1 second was where you wanted to be for .125 mild steel. What would you recommend?

the hole in your work is from the torch sitting in one place to long…try the .5 and see what happens…reduce or increase as needed…

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