Cut Quality... Start Laughing

Alright guys, I’m sure at this point I have something done wrong… 1/8” Aluminum “5052” 45amps on a Hypertherm 65, 65ipm… Hope y’all can help me out with my holes BUT it seems to be a gantry/tension issue…

image image image

Consumables good? Have you checked to make sure all of your lead screws are tight with the small allen screws? Also, you should be able to speed that ipm up as well as turn down the amps. I typically cut 1/8" aluminum at 40 amps and 110 ipm

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Double check that your motor couplers are all tight and there is no lash anywhere mechanically. From the looks of the holes it seems as if the lead nuts might not be securely fastened to their mounts. With the machine off start pushing and pulling on the moving parts while feeling for lash.

Aluminum is the probably the most challenging metal to plasma cut. I recommend diagnosing issues on mild steel first before jumping to aluminum.

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thank you both! ill work with some 1/16" A36 is the morning and see what we get!

Update: Y servo drive on X+ side was slipping in the Collar “not tight enough” i put the might on it, we will we off that cleans it all up in the morning!