Cut quality and stock temperature

Hi everyone.

Loving my crossfire - curious as to wether anyone thinks/knows if there’s a difference in cut quality/pierce time when your steel is a different temp?

I’ve recently tried to cut some shapes which previously worked just fine (not much dross) on 6mm mild steel. I replaced all my consumables on my thermal dynamics cut skill 35a and still couldn’t replicate the quality of cuts I made several months ago. Other than torch height (which I varied) and the quality of my air I don’t know what other variables there are. It’s the middle of our Aussie winter now (although nothing like the US obviously)

I know the heat of the steel can make a difference in TIG welding - and I’m sure I can run some trials too - but thought I would ask on here first.

Thanks in advance.

There is no noticeable difference in plasma cut quality when the ambient temperature of steel varies. The 25,000 to 40,000 (F) arc temperature is not affected by normal ambient temperature swings. However, if the steel was red hot…then you would notice a difference. Jim Colt