Cut program issues

I am having a strange jerking motion in a Fusion 360 CAM generated cut path, the file is a free dxf that I ran through fusion. I always do a dry run before I cut and this happened a few times so far. I readjusted all the bearing preload, motor couplers are tight. I generated a new cut path and post processed after I found that the bearings and couplers weren’t the problem and that took care of the first time issues, this didnt work so well for me last night. It only seems to happen on small sections of the part but is always when X and Y are both moving. The question I have is could my flashdrive I use to transfer the file from the desktop to the laptop on my PRO table be the problem? It is old… I am going after work to get a new one just because why not. In the meantime what other things might I look for if a new flashdrive isnt the problem

most common problem with this is the possibility the motor couplers are loose.
take some white out and mark the drive shaft and the motor shaft…run a few dry runs and see if they have shifted…that is the easiest first staep.

next are your drive screws dirty or dry?
I use a little sewing machine oil on the screws to allow them to slide…I also keep them clean…

are your bearings too tight?

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I checked the couplers and bearings, they are not the problem, honestly it only happens on certian cut programs that i post processed so I think it’s an issue with my post processing, I am not very computer proficient yet…

Its probably from the file you used especially if it was a downloaded file.
A lot of those files have a lot of nodes so it slows the torch down going around those areas.
If you want to post the file I’ll look at it.

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Here is the file, I got it from fireshare, it is by Jack Deacon.
1776.dxf (2.9 MB)

Its the file that’s causing your issue not the machine.