Cut height in fusion 360

I’m have trouble with my cut height in fusion. It’s confusing can someone clear that up for me. I’d like to be able to adjust it without having to create new tools.

I just edit the .nc file with a text editor.
Open it in notepad and click edit ->replace and change the number and hit replace all then save.

Bill, please elaborate on the text editor. I’m not all that on the new programs.

Tools have nothing to do with cut height in fusion

Cut height is selected in the NC Program tab in the manufacturing space

Change it here, then post.

If you already posted a file you can edit it like @Bill_A suggested but myself I would go back in to fusion 360 if possible and repost the file with correct values.

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Well it’s been my experience with CNC is that if you have a good cutting program adfusting you parameters is a better option. I think Bill is right. Adjusting a cut height is more preferable and allows for one program for several thicknessses in material.

I guess .

What changes the Kerf width in your program for the change in material thickness?

Seems like you would end up with a program not true to your intent using @Bill_A method.

More things to consider in the program beside the cut height when changing material thickness.

if accuracy loss from the kerf width change to a different material thicknesses is not a concern then the text with be fine for you.

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I understand that but you can also change your speeds and feeds in a text editor without changing the the dimintional parameters in a text editor which saves saving many programs. That’s why I agreed with you.

Tool offsets can also be changed in a text editor.

Thank you for your help Bill. I found a text editor and I’m in business. This will help tremendously on my program storage plans.

It’s just notepad on windows. Just double click the .nc file and when it asks you what to open it with select notepad. Then I check the box to always open with that program. And next time you can just double click it.

Thanks Bill, I appreciate it.

No problem.

I do it with the text editor because I do all my design work on 360 on my MacBook in the office and put the .nc files on a thumb drive. The PC running my FireControl in my shop has nothing but windows and FireControl on it and is not connected to any network. I change the cut speed and pierce delay for different material in FireControl and edit the file for cut height if needed.


This is exactly my thought pattern and how I want to do it and you saved me many hours . I used to do my mill editing in notepad.