Cut 60 not working

I’m having a problem with my primeweld cut 60 it fires and then stops… I have not changed any settings I’m a little puzzled to say the least

Do any of these pervious topics cover your scenario ?

If not could you elaborate on the details of your situation that makes it unique.

Interference is the top thought

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How long have you had it and are you hooked up divided voltage from CNC port or RAW voltage from inside?

A little more info please

Make sure your work clamp is on the clean metal being cut, not the table or slats.

I had same issue with my primeweld. Drove me crazy for at least a week. Worked great for months then out of the blue it would fault out and not cut. After checking wires half dozen times, I finally went inside the cutter and wired it for raw voltage and bypassed the cnc port, and now works fine again. If you are running off the divided voltage on a primeweld, switch it to raw voltage.