CrossFire XR Order List

Hay All,

How many here plan on ordering the new XR Monday or soon after?

Do you have a table now?

I’ve had the Pro for about a year and plan on ordering the XR on Monday. I know 1Up Fabrication is also.

2 and counting

I like the size of the Pro…the XR is too big for my use…not to mention…I can not see myself trying to lift 4x8 sheets onto the table…besides…I do not have the space for anything bigger.

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Thankfully, the Original Crossfire is perfect for my operations presently, since I have no room for a larger table.

Mine is reserved!

Order #28472

Order #28558

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Well that’s a big jump in order #'s.

Order Number #28469

The lowest order number I’ve seen is #28453

Highest I’ve seen is 28724 and that was 18 minutes in so I’m sure its a lot higher now but that’s 271 orders

I started with the OG table… Got the pro table in 4 months I outgrew the pro table and expanded it to a full 4x4. Being able to cut full 4x8 sheets will be nice.

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That’s a lot of orders! I wonder what their “Limited quantity” total was/is? I received my order confirmation at 10am so the first minute had a lot of orders for sure.



just joking…

CrossFire XR! Oh how sweet it would be but as a home hobbyist I just can’t justify $6000 + shipping. I already still have the OG CrossFire completely working fine and the Pro (batch 1) still in the assembly process. Driving cross-country is taking most of my home time. Getting close to finishing though. Adding a few extras and mods. I’ll just have to learn to do indexing for cutting bigger pieces.

Not every single up tick in order number serial is the new table necessarily. Most I’m sure could be today but anything ordered increases the count, anything. Even replacement parts shipped out under warranty are given order numbers in the sequence.

I was batch 2 in 2018 for OG table with order number 2536. There had not been two and half thousand tables bought at that time. Add-ons after the fact such plasma cutters, software etc. are all part of the order sequencing.


Order 28810. I’ll have a Pro for sale in Michigan. :slight_smile:

#28574 , Assembly on this table will take a while if since they are charging $1500 to do it lol. Can’t wait to get it, going to keep my pro too.

I was thinking they were trying to prevent assembly so priced it really high since they would also have to help load it at time of local pickup. I cant imagine it would take more than 1-2 days to assemble with good instructions. But I guess we will find out.

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I think a couple of days too, instructions with the pro were well done.

Wondering if we can pick up the XR from the logistics/shipper v.s. having to have a liftgate or forklift?

I did this when I got my BendPak four post list. They shipped it to the shipping receiver (XPO Logistics) and I was able to go down to their facility and they loaded it onto my trailer. Saved having to rent a forklift.

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Well batch one looks to be full and the price has gone up already. September estimated delivery for batch 2.

@KCRotary Once the machine has been shipped out and know who the carrier is with a tracking number you would have to call the Carrier and have it set up with them directly. Once it leaves the warehouse it’s out of Langmuir’s hands. You can contact Langmuir to see if you can request the Carrier that you would prefer.

When I bought my BendPak lift, they asked me if I wanted it shipped to an address (home/business) or to the carriers location. BendPak gave me a lists of carriers and asked me which one I’d prefer. Just happens that XPO Logistics was close enough to me.

I’m hoping this experience would be similar.

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Saw the email - was thinking there might be a new forum category for it, but I can’t see it. I’ve been off the forum for a few months (death in family)…haven’t been too motivated to cut stuff lately…but this announcement has got me back in to see what’s up. I’m really interested in the THC / controller / software details - stuff like does it support Arc OK signaling. Looks interesting!