Crossfire xl wont work

I just put together my crossfire with the xl kit, won’t respond to mach 3, I hit the arrow keys and the x y numbers go up but it doesn’t move the torch.

Is it a gen 2 and requires firecontrol?

Whats that, I just got it a couple weeks ago so I would guess its the newest version

I just looked up your order and you indeed have a Mach 3 machine. When you turn on the power supply do you hear the motors humming?

Did you install the crossfire configuration file and the motion control plugin?

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No noise from the motors at all. I downloaded everything as the YouTube videos said. Thanks for the response so quick to.

If you pull the cover, are the LEDs on the power supply and drivers illuminated? If not, it’s likely you have a bad power supply and we’ll need to send a new one if that’s the case.

Yes they are all lit up

Anything I can check real quick that might be the problem

With the power switch turned on can you manually turn the lead screws by hand? Trying to determine if there is holding torque.

Yes you can turn them by hand

Sorry, they won’t turn by hand

My motors are making noise like people have talked about

Any suggestions?