Crossfire XL water pan?

Anyone know if the “XL kit” contains a water pan or will I need to create one? The kit details don’t mention anything about a water table pan. Thanks!

Same water pan as the Std Crossfire. They merely extend the Y-axis travel so the torch can reach the extremities of the water table. Therefore, you gain about 10" effective cutting distance in the Y"axis

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But the water pan IS an extra cost option when you purchase a CrossFire that you need to add to your order.

Excellent to hear! I ordered the expansion before posting my question but I’ve got the aluminum water pan already. I’ve read they eventually changed to stainless but mine holds water and functions well, haven’t found a reason to change it yet. I had thought it was a bummer that there was so much “dead space” on the table and I’m happy to hear this expansion will let me capitalize on the potential.