Crossfire Pro losing position

That will do it. Glad your back in business.

Got the board away from house with different spacers and still will loose connection after a minute of cut time.

Does it pass the Ohm test now after you’re done? Do you have another computer to use to test?

Just for our info. You replaced the board and shimmed it up and away from the enclosure box.
Now you have no more error alerts like USB not recognized. Now it starts, and the torch lifts?

Have moved the board with new spacers and still having it loose connection. It did not do this with the last board. Have been hearing people solder a bridge on the L1 inductor and was curious if that could solve the emi problem. I should note I found out today that I am not supposed to be using my pilot arc machine that I have been using for a year now, I have not had this problem with this machine before. Have borrowed a friends hypertherm and same problem. Yes, I will be upgrading plasma cutter soon.

Unless you have a first gen machine the control board has been updated. It would help if you tried another computer. That would eliminate it from the equation.

How are you wiring the VMI box? Divided or Raw.
Next question: how did you set up the Hypertherm?
Raw or Divided? There is a common denominator here we have to narrow it down.
New board.
Different plasma cutter.
Table passes the ohms test?
The laptop is not plugged into the charger.
The computer would be my next test.
Alright I read back to see that you have tried different computers. With the same problem.

Next my recommendation is to purchase a USB isolator—either the one I recommend or of your choice. It very well be EMI. Also get a USB cable with ferrite chokes on both ends. If it cost $7 then it’s a piece of crap. Get a quality one.


I am not sure if that pilot arc machine is the same as high frequency machines but the high frequency machines can damage some of the electronics in the board. Just because the Hypertherm didn’t work doesn’t mean that the cutter is not at fault. The damage could have already been done.

But I am cheering for you guys. Don’t give up.

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