Crossfire Pro Install Issue

Hello all-
Does anyone have a number to contact Langmuir?Also is everyone’s frame completely powder coated? I received my pro and only have 7 out of the 8 tubes. Also, only 4 of the 7 are powder coated. Any help would be appreciated.

Found a number and called. Figured they would be closed on a Saturday. Anyone know anything about the powder coat situation?

If you look at the installation instructions there are only 11 tubes. The 7 you have and 4 leg tubes.

Those members are intended to be galvanized.

I recommend reading through the entire instruction manual before you start assembly… I know… most instructions say that and we toss them before we start but you really do need to know or at least be familiar with the entire process before you start.

Also If you are missing something I recommend you email support. I was shipped a defective part. I emailed support on a Saturday and they had shipped me the part by Monday.

Use support don’t call you will get a faster response.

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Yea…… so…… I’m an idiot. I was totally over looking it. Got everything together. All going smooth.


Don’t worry, we have all done something similar at one point or another… at least I know I have. More than my fair share for sure.

Thanks to the kind people on this forum for setting me straight when I do.

Go have fun with your new machine! My first cut was a test coupon from fireshare. It was amazing how much satisfaction you can get from something so simple!