Crossfire Pro freezes mid-cut

Ok, I am at a loss on this one. I got my crossfire pro set up in December 2020, and have pretty much been having this issue since the start. When I start a cut, the IHC and pierce goes well, but midway through the cut at some point, the table seemingly disconnects from the computer. I can hear the computer make the sound that windows makes when you unplug a USB device and then plug it back in. It’s like it loses connection and then regains connection instantly. The problem is, once the table loses the connection, Firecontrol freezes causing the table to stop all together and the plasma just stays on. This usually results in a complete restart of the program and losing all zeros etc.

I have read the thread about the L1 inductor mod, so I checked that. Mine appears to be already done from the factory.

I also read about adding clip-on chokes to the USB cable, so I did that. I added anywhere from 1 to 7 of them at different times and still had the same result.

Any help on this issue would be GREATLY appreciated, cause it is driving me absolutely nuts!


Hi, first of all sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Which plasma cutter are you using? How close is it to your laptop and electronics enclosure?

I am using a Miller Spectrum 375 X-treme. It is a pretty good distance away from the computer (as far as the supplied USB cable will allow, maybe 6-7 feet). It is pretty close to the electronics enclosure though as the cables and torch lead won’t allow it to be very far.

Send an email to Tell them that you talked to me and i authorized sending you a USB isolator to try out under warranty. Should take a few days to get to you. Please le me know if it fixes the issue.

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Thank you! I will give it a try and let you know.

try moving the cutter as far opposite side from computer and control box. I use 10’ extension cables to extend the torch on/off and thc cables and have my cutter on the opposite side of the table from the control box.

That connector is an extension for the torch on/off cable? I don’t have the THC, so i guess the only thing I need to extend is the on/off.

Yes it works for both but you’ll only need 1 since you don’t have THC. has male connection on one end and female on the other so it extends the torch on/off cable coming from the cutter.