Crossfire pro electronics box suddenly stops

Here’s what happened, I’ve jogged the machine many times and I’m finally ready to run the breakin program. I start the breakin program and everything is running smoothly for about 30 seconds. Suddenly the machine just stops, I take a look at fire control and its still running the breakin program as if nothing has happened to the machine. I checked all the electronics and I find the electronics box is no longer turning on. I recheck the crossfire pro assembly instructions to see what may have gone wrong. After checking the instructions I start to worry I may have plugged the electronics box into a 220 volt outlet instead of 110 volt outlet so I facetime my electrician who installed this outlet and he says that that the outlet the electronics box was not 220 volt it was a 110 outlet so it couldn’t have fried the electronics box or any other electronics. Can anyone help?