Crossfire Owners Map

Wow, thanks man, I will be here Saturday untill 4 and Sunday 8-8 or so. Unfortunately I have to work the counter and can only work in the shop intermittently on the Crossfire. I hope my son can get here today and finish that thing up but I dont know yet. Would love to get it running but I am short employees right now. Drop by if you get the chance.

Now that you’re up & running you should post your first cut video :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea, thanks again man for your help, it is so terrific that you got that thing fired up!

Here is our first cut!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the crossfire. Jamesdhatch created a crossfire owners map for anyone interested in placing themselves on it.

Anyone with the crossfire is welcome to add there self to the owners map. ( scroll up )

Any forum members are welcome to place themselves on the crossfire owners map that jamesdhatch has made for us all. scroll up if interested.

Bumping this one - any new folks who didn’t know the map existed, you can add yourselves to a map of fellow Crossfire owners by clicking on the link in the first post in this thread.

You may find someone close by who shares your interests or who could use help or could help you.

I think I need to do a road trip - want to meet Point 47 in the farthest north :slightly_smiling_face: that’s a water table that needs to be indoors!

What’s up with the Dakotas, Montana and Nevada? No metal crafters out there?

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Hi ya all, Anyone new or old here that hasnt added themselves to the Crossfire Owners map is welcome to do so. Jamesdhatch created this for everyone to see who is where. Who knows you may have someone close to help, be helped or just share info. Scroll up to the top for details and instructions.

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Hi everyone. Jamesdhatch made all of us this nice crossfire owners map . Feel free to add yourself to it. Scroll up to the top for Info.

Hi All Old and New. Feel free to add yourself to the Crossfire Owners Map that jamesdhatch made for us all. Who knows you may have someone real close to you.

Probably see a bunch more new entries after the Pro ships and some YT videos go up showing cool operational features or projects.

My local makerspace is interested in buying my XL from me when the Pro comes in but I’m reluctant to part with it in case I need two :slight_smile:

BTW, here’s the direct link to the map post (saves scrolling up through all of the messages):


Any new or old crossfire owners feel free to add yourself to the map and see who is close or far.

Should be a bunch of new ones coming up this month with the Pro orders.

About time to see the who ilves in (…) Be nice if everyone would add themselves to your map and anyone and everyone here would know with a click of the map . :slight_smile: For example i live about 10 miles out of town and my only close neighbor, wich is directly across the hwy from me has one. Hmm i should mention to him there is a map . lol.

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Hey look a map jamesdhatch made for all the crossfire owners. Unless your in the witness protection or really shy please join.

Even if you are, just move your pin somewhere else (but still so you’ll be able to tell if there’s a community of owners near you) :slight_smile:

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I’m more concerned about someone swiping my CrossFire!!!
Will plant a pin in the general vicinity, however…
Simsbury, huh? I was born and raised in CT…

Me too :smiley:

Probably going to be the last generation though. My kids have all run off to other states (CA, MA, NC so far) and don’t seem at all interested in returning. That’s not so bad though - nice place to raise a family but wicked expensive to retire in so we’re likely to move elsewhere ourselves.

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As long as you don’t have to drive on 84!

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Grew up in Stamford…left in '84 for down south. Would have a hard time getting me back up north. No cold winters for me…