Crossfire For Sale in Ohio

I have a Crossfire System with the Water Table, XL Expansion (2’x3’ Cutting Area) for Sale with the Razorweld 45 Plasma Cutter. I also added a custom water tank fill system that uses the compressed air connection to pressurize tank and fill the water table. A ball valve closes it off, open valve to drain back into tank. I also added a shelf to the bottom and an extension arm for the Laptop Stand (also bought from Langmuir). The system is only a few months old. I have a company that does light scale manufacturing. I was happy with the Crossfire, but learned very quickly that I need a larger table for my operations. I’m going to a large 4x8 table. Feel free to email me directly at if you are interested. I am asking $1800 for the entire setup. I have about $3k in the system as it stands.

What kind of equipment are you going to use to move the big sheets around? I have no room for a forklift so that’s part of what’s keeping me to a smaller table (just got my Pro setup). Have room for an overhead winch but I’d still need to get the stuff from my truck to the garage.

Long shot but is this still for sale?