Crossfire Electronics Box 3 questions

OK, I have 3 questions:
#1 - I have y Plasma Cutter wired to 220V does my Crossfire Electronics Box have to be wired 220V also or do you just plug that into 110V?
#2 - Where do you switch the Crossfire Electronics Box to 220V
#3 - If I have Plasma cutter on 220V and Crossfire Electronics Box on 110V what setting do I want that switch on?

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My cutter is plugged into 220v ,box on table plugged into 110v. Same cord as pc actually. Unless you need a diff voltage setup i would just do the 220v cutter 110v box. I imagine it comes set to 110v from them.

It doesnt matter what the supply voltage for the electronics is. Just as long has you have the switch on the power supply set to the supply voltage it is plugged in to. From langmuir the electronics enclosure is set to 120v for us here in the US. Not sure if they ship elsewhere.

You can find the switch in the electronics enclosure on the power supply on the long side that is close to the motor drivers.

Orange arrow pointing to switch.

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Thanks for your help. Guess I will leave the electronic box switch set to 120 and plug it in the wall. Just didn’t want to fry things before I even got started. Thx!