Crossfire cutting crooked randomly - SOLVED

Hi all, Ive been using the crossfire for about a month and it has cut well. Now all of a sudden on files ive used before the crossfire will cut strange zig zags in the design at random. Ive went through the designs on fusion and nothing has changed. I cant imagine why it would start this all of a sudden. Both screws seem to be tight as well, so I don’t thing it is a mechanical thing. It seems to be deliberately cutting off path. Any advice is appreciated.

welcome…we would be glad to help …
if you post a few extra times you will be able to post a picture of the issue and possibly the cut file so we can look into it.

Okay, ill do that. Im starting to think maybe a lead screw spinning by the motor or maybe its stripped or somethIng, everything looks fine though. But when i tram it every now and then the motor on the x axis will pause really quick then keep going.

yeah it’s mostly missing a step when it does that and will cause the line to be off or crooked. you can try to add a straight sharpie line on the lead screw and motor shaft right where the coupler joins them then do a dry run of your program. when its done, check to see if the lines still match up. if they don’t then something is slipping.


Same thing happened to me about a month in… couplers needed to be re-tightened.

You were dead on. I just happened to notice that the set screw from the coupler wasn’t against the flat of the motor shaft. Reset it and tightened the set screw. Then fired it back up and cut out a knife blank flawlessly. Big relief to have it fixed. I have a knife business and my production knives are cut out with the plasma. Without it I am dead in the water. Had a nice cussing fit when it chewed up quite a bit of steel.