CrossFire Assembly questions

I purchased the CrossFire with XL kit, THC upgrade, laptop arm and water table. All but the water table are now delivered. The Langmuir videos seem very outdated with references to bags that don’t contain the parts referenced. The online stuff I can’t zoom into, it’s locked even if I zoom in and the details are less than clear and to top off the confusion, some of the bags don’t contain what is referenced on the bag, like 3" bolts that are only 2.5" in length etc…

Do I mount the XL lower rail with the SAME overhang on the front as the original rail would have, or with more overhang?

I want to be sure you are using the up to date assembly instructions and not the older video-only assembly instructions. The bag #s and contents have changed. That said, you should not have received 2.5" bolts in the 3" bolt bag. Please reach out to support if thats the case.

The mounting holes for the XL lower rail are a little hidden in the instructions. We will make these easier to find in the future. For now, hopefully this helps! You will want to use the with Z-Axis mounting holes.


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I have it all together, (still waiting on my water table tray) and have been moving it around. I can’t upload a video to demonstrate (not allowed), but how much wobble is acceptable on the lead screw when running? The X axis has some but the Y axis (the longer XL model) can get going while jogging at least +/- 1/4" in the middle when the carriage is to one side or the other. I’ve adjusted it 3 times now trying to adjust it out but it stays about the same each time.