Crossfire and Hypertherm 30 Air For Sale Arizona

For Pickup only in Prescott Valley, Arizona

Crossfire purchased in 2018 with water table and Hypertherm 30 Air are for sale with licenses for Sheetcam and Mach 3. Since purchasing, I’ve had a quadruple bypass.

All for $1600.

Dennis Leslie
(928) 772-5217

Sorry to hear that Dennis. Hope you are on the mend. Sure someone will want it.

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Sorry to hear about your surgery. Just curious on where you’re located in Arizona? I’m in Marana


(520) 668-3108

I live in the Prescott area. About 25 miles off of 17 near Hwy 69. I see that you’re in the

Tucson area. Welcome to the forum.

I know I’m reading this about 6 weeks late but is this still available ? I’m in Las Vegas and would be a short drive…very interested …I’ve been looking for a used one for months

Price Reduction in Prescott Valley, AZ

Crossfire and Hypertherm 30 Air has been reduced to $1000.00. Includes licensed SheetCam and Mach3.
Some consumables and steel also.

(928) 772-5217

SOLD Sept 2021

Sold. Sept 2021