Cross Fire Post Processing Issues?

I am trying to cut a simple part using Fusion 360 and Mach 3. I have put in the latest post processor but still the crossfire will not cut the part. It does nothing but make circles. I can control the axis x and y from the computer but it will not fire the table. Any help would be appreciated as I am getting no help from Langmuir.

When did you buy your machine? The current tables all run on Firecontrol. Mach3 won’t work.

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is the back of your langmuir control box where your cable plug look like this or is it all colorful?

if it looks like this then you should not be using Mach3…you should be using Firecontrol…free from the langmuir downloads page.

About 5 years ago and it runs the Mach 3software.

No it has the colors on the back and runs the Mach 3 software. I don’t know where else to go. IF this is a Mach 3 problem or a
Fusion 360 issue but I have a $1500.00 anchor in the garage. It sucks you can’t get any help from Langmuir.

You certainly can get help from them - people are doing it every day. Did you email them at

I’ve tagged @langmuirsystems so @langmuir-daniel can take a look at it to see if the ticket has been dropped or was missed inadvertently.

If you messaged us over the weekend, it takes us some time on Mondays to work through the tickets. Rest assured, you will get a response! If you have reached out and were asked more questions its likely because we need more information to diagnose your issue.

By the looks of it - It sounds like your plasma cutter isn’t wired correctly or your torch relay is malfunctioning- not a software issue at all.

Can you provide some information on your plasma cutter? Does it hand fire when you pull the trigger? Can you manually fire it from Mach3? Do you hear the relay audibly click (from inside the LS Electronics box) when it is supposed to fire?


This is nothing about my torch firing. That is just an answer to one for the questions. I had been dealing with

Langmuir Aksel (Langmuir Systems) last week and now I hear nothing back back from him after answering the questions he asked. This is about the table not working at all. you enter a code and it makes little circles or does nothing at all. I have double checked and it has the mach 3 post processor that it is supposed to have.

This is just my opinion, but if you think going back and forth via email is support for us guys that use the crossfire as a hobby and really don’t know all the nuts and bolts about it, well it isn’t working. A 5-10 minute call would be a much better fit help us out. All we are doing here is emailing about getting support but nothing is happening.

I also sent him a copy of the file I am trying to cut to see if by chance it works for you or it’s a bad file. I have post processed it several times with the same results. My original file number is 46638 for this.