Crappy fusion 360

In my short time I have found that it is much easier to use the import dxf instead of the open command.


What files are you trying to load to Fusion 360?

I am sure we can help you sorted out if you outlined your issue more clearly.

Can you post the file you are trying to load.

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F 360 is a very powerful tool. More than what the average person need to do plasma work. I won’t criticize it at all once you learn it isn’t that bad.

I don’t use 360 for two reasons noone can convince me it is worth the money. Personal I don’t understand why they offer a free version then lay it to the people that want to buy the full version. Charge one price for everyone then a small fee each year for updates.

If you believe you can use 360 don’t give up on it it is very beneficial once you learn. Unfortunately some people don’t have the patience to learn.

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Did you get this problem resolved or is it the same thing your asking about?

Fusion 360 Post v1.6 - Software / Fusion 360 - CAM - Langmuir Systems Forum

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I downloaded like 20 or so files from etsy. All of them are dxf files when i upload them all but two of them just sit on the spinning circle for indefinitely!

are you inserting them like showed in this post?

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This stays like this indefinitely

You have to unzip that file first.

Then when you have a decompressed DXF Fusion can open it.

Fusion does not open zip files.


Crappy stupid Fusion!


Thank you that helped. Im downloading winzip now

i always unzip my files in file explorer. you may not need a program to do this.

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What plane should i import on. Top view?

$400-500 a year is cheap for a professional program like Fusion 360. I use a few different design programs at work one’s $1590 per year, one’s $9540, and the other’s $11,504. That being said Fusion 360 us an extremely powerful program that is way overkill for creating 2D designs to be cut on a plasma table I built in my garage. I use QCAD professional $39 and Affinity Designer $38 depending on what I’m starting from and what I want to do with it. There’s a lot of cheaper and easier options…


that is my point exactly i didn’t say it was the most expensive. but for most people here it is a deal breaker the way i see it. any program that cost that much annually the weekend warrior just cant justify.

I too had my fill of Fusion 360. It is a wonderful program but I think it is just way more than is needed for a plasma table. I encountered problems with designs if they were any more than just basic shapes. It seemed to hang up in the cam and would take forever to process. I don’t have the greatest internet service but it seemed to work well for the first year and then just got painfully slow. Spent many hours on the phone with tech support. They even took over my computer and did many tweaks to try to make it work. I finally went to Sheetcam for CAM and use an old Autodesk CAD program called 123D design. I like to use .SVG files, works great for me. I can produce 10 times the projects in the same time to complete 1 in F360.

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Normally I post my signs on Fileshare, but hey, sellers market here and I know what I got. No low ball offers and I don’t need help selling it! (Craigslist joke) :grin:

Ironically, drawn in F360.

Seriously, I have the non-commercial (free) version and I like it for 2D. Text arranging options could be better.

From what I have seen of the full version, it’s overkill for those of us with modest ambitions with regard to CNC. But that was one reason I thought it suited my direction because if I ever did get more serious, the upgrade version was available and my learning curve would be reduced.

I am not saying it’s superior to other software. Just sharing that it has worked well for me.


I think my biggest problem is i will make a mistake and not be able to just backup(delete) say i make 2 fast mistakes in a row(click the wrong side of the mouse) it would be nice if you could just oush the back arrow like when surfing the internet. Is their a way to do this??

In fusion if you look top left there are two arrows that move you back and forward


The undo redo arrows in the top left like @Knick said or I use the hot keys ctrl z Undo and ctrl y Redo

Here’s the fusion 360 hotkey list for reference


This made me laugh! Thanks!

Best part was seeing it was in F360!

I didn’t see the price for the F3D file listed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: