Contour arrows are a crapshoot

I’d start off with “Is it just me…”, but I’m seeing this on 3 different computers. I select a line for contour, arrow appears, maybe inside, maybe outside, maybe way the hell off in space. So I click to toggle inside of outside. could move to the inside pointing out, could move and point up, down, in, out, left, right… who the hell knows. Anyway, I somehow muddle through and hope Danny and Mike eventually find the time to write and release FireCAM. :slight_smile:

If your going to use fusion you need to install the sketch checker addon.When you import a file you need to run it and it will show you all the places your lines dont connect.Once you have fixed all the broken lines you can highlight the drawing then right click and select exstrude.It will ask for a value and I usually just put in .10.Once you have it exstuded you will just have to click one time on the body of your drawing and everything will be selected and the arrows with be right because it will be a 3d object and fusion can tell what the outer and inner contours are.


Didn’t make any difference, I have no broken lines. The issue is that, unlike the example in the tutorial, where the arrows neatly point in or out to show inside or outside cut, when I click on a contour line, the red arrow may appear ANYWHERE on my drawing pointing in, out, up, down, who the hell knows.