Consumables - Kit or separate parts?

Newbie here.

I have a Hypertherm mini machine torch (Hypertherm 851466) and want to be prepared with consumables. What parts usually go bad and does it make sense to buy a kit (Hypertherm 059482) or just separate parts in general? Sometimes kits come with a bunch of stuff that you will most likely never use.

I imagine that Hypertherm consumables are the ones to get?


What do you plan to cut? art, etching or heavy parts. I don’t buy kits,

Mainly car fabrication parts.

Why would you even think about buying anything else but Hypertherm consumables for a Hypertherm torch !!

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Buy electrodes and nozzles by the 5 or 25 pack. And buy swirl rings, deflectors, and retainers as you need them.

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Thank you!

Don’t know what I don’t know - Newbie.

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The classic paraphrase of the Donald Rumsfeld line about the “Unknown Unknowns”…

It’s hard to know what questions to ask when you don’t even know the full context of the subject that you are just starting to wade into… I feel that.