Consumables for Razorweld 45

What tip brands for the Razorweld 45 interchange? I’m looking for 1mm tips to cut some 3/8. I am not fimiluar with consumable part numbers. Any help would be awesome!!

These are what I use For Razorweld Cut45


@jasonshetfield you are aware that those are drag tip nozzles correct

Yea. It’s what other users on here are using with no issues so I followed along.

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Hey Jason, I added these to my ebay cart, yet when you look at the ones we got with the torch and the ones sold on langmuir systems…they look different…the ones you show have a flat top. the ones langmuir sells have a pointed type tip…just want to check before ordering. is the ebay one the only size that fits the x45? or is this one you linked to for a specific application? thanks, Lisa

george @mechanic416 has an ebay store for torches…ya can not go wrong ordering from him…outstanding rep here

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The consumables you posted are aftermarket Trafimet S45 Drag tips. Razor weld never used a S45 torch. You would not use them on a CNC table even on a hand torch.

I am guessing you have the Tecmo pt40 torch and these are the consumables for it from 20 to 50 amp on a hand torch or machine torch.

You have the TH70/X45 torch it uses these consumables hand and machine torch.