Consumables anyone

does anyone have any thoughts on this kit for the Razorweld45

I have found that the aftermarket stuff for my Thermal Dynamics 38 is a huge waste of money as they dont work like the should. If they are aftermarket I would be a little weary of even dragging them home.

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I don’t know about those. My RW 45 likes IPT or PT nozzles and tips.
I’m going to purchase the 50 tips and 50 nozzles for $116 from the far far away people. I’ll report back how they work.

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These are the correct ones for the 45, they work so much better than any I have bought. Check out the picture of the torches, the RW45 has a pt/ipt torch not an s45.

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It says get it Friday feb8, you want to wait that long?

I sell 10 tips for $15 and 10 electrodes for $15

I have Italian made swirl rings to.
Let me know what you need and I can take care if you


I thought someone posted a comparison and it looked like the RW45 could have one or the other depending on which one you ended up with. Mine is S45 but I think others have posted pics of theirs which look to be PT torches.

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Here is the difference…

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im gonna guess mine is the S45

as you were the PT/IPT

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yo man i need tro buy consunabkles for my x45 torch rszorcut. can you sell them to me?

Langmuir sells the consumables for the X45 torch.