Considering ordering a pro. Give me the pros and cons

I am in Charlotte, nc area. Anyone have one in the area? Also does anyone run there table with a Mac book? Thanks in advance for the help, Rj

I think the pro con list would augment quite a bit depending on what your personal needs are.

A Pro would be super affordable.

A Con for some people would be taking some personal responsibility in Reading, learning, and understanding of the equipment you purchased, how to assemble it and run it.
(This is by far the number one issue when it becomes to the performance of the machines is people simply not assembling their product correctly and not taking the time to understand how to use it)

You can tell from some of the posts on this forum site that user caused issues from rushing through assembly or not thoroughly understanding the equipment, then they usually double down and start bringing everything else down to protect their egos and it’s very clear that they alone are the cause of their issues.

Con, Does not take a full sheet of material.

Con, does not have any limit switches.

Pro, quite accurate for such an affordable table.

Pro, takes up less shop space compared to a full size set up.

Pro, firecontrol is a very user friendly interface for CNC plasma.

I think you will have a lot of members from CN around here.


Don’t have a Pro so can’t help you there but do use a MacBook with my XL. If you have an intel Macbook the current FireControl works great. Software for newer MacBook Apple processors is supposed to be coming but IDK when.

Fusion 360 Inkscape and Affinity all work for designing on the Mac and Fusion also does post processing of G-code. If you want to use Sheetcam, you’ll need to either get a windows box or run Parallels or Bootcamp on your Mac.

Hope this helps!

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Got to remember the pro is a great hobby machine and table at the price you pay for it and the support is very great… In my opinion…


Like tin whisperer said just take time to look into everything and don’t rush setup and lose your mind. I’ve missed things on here that these guys have helped me find that’s already on the site I just missed it

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Bottom line, independent of which machine you get, these are great and useful machines, but they are a box of parts until someone puts them together properly AND learns how to use it. Low price doesn’t mean low cost. The ‘cost’ is the time and energy to learn.

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Very well said !!!

If you order one I would download the latest manual and study how it goes together. It will greatly speed up the assembly process. I would get a Hypertherm for a plasma cutter. Some people expect all the bells and whistles of a Tesla for the price of a base Toyota pickup. Like a Toyota pickup this thing will do everything you need it to do and do it well…

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You’ll find that people are more than willing to help here.

And welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your responses, I order a pro today, looking forward to becoming a part of the community.

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Welcome, you’ll enjoy it and we’ll Dodge any questions about your moniker :smirk:

it also does not mean the more costly tables are always better…

think of what you are going to be doing…
if you are going to be cutting thinner gauge and doing hobby stuff…do you want to pay $15,000?

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great thread…

I run my table off a MacBook Air 2015 model. i7 2.2 ghz, 8 gigs ram and just downloaded the latest OS Monterey. Firecontrol likes to quit when loading programs with the new OS but haven’t had any problems during a cut yet. My only real complaint with the MacBook is the lack of power on the graphics card when it comes to running Fusion 360. I have a honeycomb pattern im trying to get done but it really overloads my lil MacBook.

I am running my pro table with 2015 Mac Book Pro. Still running Big Sur. Almost bought a new one but local computer guy told me this is a really good machine and would do just fine once cleaned up. I had him install Bootcamp so I could operate Sheetcam as it wouldnt work on the Mac format. I use inkscape for design then to sheetcam. I have a stand alone pc box at the table running the fusion program. Good luck

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