Concerns about dust from cutter getting into computer

Has anyone had any issues with magnetic dust from the cutter getting into the computers? I noticed brown dust accumulating on the magnets of my burgler alarm system, so I know there is some magnetic dust floating around. I was wondering if it gets sucked into the cooling systems of the laptop controller (located on a stand adjacent to the cutting area: as well as the Langmuire controller located on the frame below the cutting area. Thanks

not sure how long they will last i don’t recommend an expensive shop computer. i am sure they will eventually suffer. that also shows the need for a respirator also not saying you don’t wear one the is a lot of metal dust flying around.

this is a problem for everyone…they just do not know it yet… :grimacing:

Ventilation and filtration are the keys to preventing this

  • room ventilation by either in shop air circulation filtration and/or fresh air exchange
  • filtration /ventilation directly over the table to help prevent the spread of the dust
  • filter media over fans, motors, magnetic sources

this dust gets into everything…you just need to be aware of it and try to prevent the spread


I bought a hot rod laptop for out in the shop and I’m going to need to do some dust mitigation for it.

It’s a beast and can run Fusion 360 is good as my office desktop.

These are some of the filters I was looking at



Thanks everyone. I will try some of the filters.