Computer cable to machine

Computer cable to machine

I am going to buy a new PC for my machine. I would like to have it in my office and run a long cable and hdmi to the machine. It would be approx 10-15 feet away. The cables are available but I wondered if anyone else has their computer a distance away from the machine. I wondered if running a long cable vs a shorter cable might cause problems ?


May not be as far as you want to go but, I’ve added a 6’ extension on my PC to CFPro control box… Got it off the table frame and on to adjacent wall with no issues…

Thank you. Good to know

I have a 16’ and it works fine.

I have a 20’ cable on mine with no issues at all. I did add a second set of ferrite chokes to it though and using the USB isolator that Langmuir sent me too.


Awesome thanks so much guys