Compressed air setup

@toolboy nice setup and very good organization to have two tanks, compressor and air drier mounted up high and saving lots of room.

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There is an auto drain on the bottom too I just forgot it on the drawing. Thanks!

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That is slick!

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Your compressor is the same as what I have, how long have you had it? Mine had electric motor go bad at 15-20 hours of use, new motor under warranty been problem free now for 5 years.

I have 7 hours on it now, no problems so far. Did it stop running completely or start acting up?

I bought is used last summer…paid $600…had around I would guess 200hrs on it…changed the belt…changed the oil…cleaned the filter…visually checked inside the tank…I have put around another 100 hrs on it…runs fine…

Wat I might do now is get some isolation springs or some good rubber pads to help with the vibration on the wall.