Closing shop at years end

Sorry for the way it posted. I printed it all out then cut and pasted it here and it got all messed up.



Thank you, that was a great read as I thought it might be. Glad you were for the most part, able to make a living doing what you enjoyed!

Thanks again and I wish you all the luck from here on out.
Oh and I am sure I will be asking your advice in the near future!


Sorry to hear too. I avoid Chinese stuff as much as possible. A friend told me when I was young - buy the best, it only hurts once.

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Best wishes George. Thanks for the times you helped me out and my new torch. Your advice and products have always been great! I wish more people made the choice to support the local guy (as you are to this community). I don’t visit the “big box” stores unless the local shops don’t have what I need. Best wishes! --Otis

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No worries. I love the story. Your printed contributions will live on and appreciated for generations to come for this forum and others. You are a good soul.

(I didn’t realize those lines of text scrolled laterally!)

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New Guy poking around old topics.
George have you decided to continue selling on ebay?

And what is the link? I have seen many links in other forum post and when I click them they are dead.


Yes I am still going to sell consumables. Just click on my little taz, go to my web site and the ebay link is on the front page near the bottom.

Thanks for asking.


thanks for the quick replay