Chance to buy Gen 1 crossfire, is it worth it or should i get newest version?

I have a chance to buy a first gen crossfire for $800. I see there is a new version with newer software as well as the new pro version. For those that have used both is the old version still worth it?

I believe the biggest difference is the control board which would mean using fire control instead Mach 3.

Yes the old ones are still worth it. Motion control software is different, I don’t know if you have to buy Mach 3 or transfer the license though. Someone else will chime in. Mach 3 allows for more customization and has some different features.

I love my pro table and firecontrol though.


I would go for especially if this is your first go at a cnc table it will get your feet wet for half the price and you’ll be able to sell it for the same money if you decide its not for you or if you want to upgrade. Also if it has the xl kit and water table you’re saving more then half.
The only difference between them like brownfox says is the control software and mach 3 is more then capable and easy to use.