Can't seem to figure out the break in software

Title kinda says it all, I download from the link and and I get a download and click on it but then it takes me to fireshare. I looked in fire control and can’t see a place to run the break-in from. What am I missing…?

Follow this guide.

Thanks nicaDd, I did follow that but that doesn’t really say anything about running the break in program. I did get the download for the break in but when I double click it it takes me to fireshare which I searched break in in the search but nothing appeared so I dunno…

you need to load it in firecontrol and run it. make sure you zero X,Y to the lower left corner of the table before you run it.

OK thanks that makes some sense, just need to figure out how to load something into firecontrol and run it. have not really messed around in firecontrol yet except to jog the machine.

it’s all in that link i sent ya. pretty straight forward.