Can't load break-in file

Set up my machine. I can jog the controls. When I go to download the break-in program a message pops up that I don’t have an app associated with this program and that I need to create an app. What the hell is that? What am I doing wrong?

You need to open Mach3 and then choose Load G code from the front page and open the file that way.

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im having the same problem no matter what I try I cant download these programs, Im also not able to download the motion control same problem

you have to right click on the link and then select “save link as” to download the file. download it to the downloads folder then open mach3 and select load g code and select the file from the downloads folder.

same thing goes for the motion control file. follow the directions after you download it to place it in the right folder.

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still doesn’t work it says no app to support it and there is nothing in the g file in mach3

its not downloading it keeps saying no app assoiciated with file when I click open with mach3 nothing happens

when you right click you should get a few options. are you not getting that or are you left clicking on it?

If you left click then it’ll try to open the file which in turn doesn’t know what app to use to open it.


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I can’t even find it after I download the damn thing

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I would look at the current downloads section on the Langmuir homepage rather than reading a 3 year old post.

Look in:

Half way down the page are links to all the different Break in programs.

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