Can't get torch to fire

Torch won’t fire on my Razorweld. Resting voltage was 275 at initial start up. It says I have 54 pierces but it hasn’t fired once. Gotta check continuity tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated. It could be in my post processor. Trying to illuminate suspects.

Has it ever worked? Try switching the torch fire and divided voltage connectors on the front of the cutter. They have been known to be reversed on some machines.

Yeah I’m gonna go through everything this evening. I just started working through the list LS has. But, I was looking for any help I can get.

Don’t worry about the counter in firecontrol, it only counts the times the relay has been activated. It doesn’t actually sense if the torch fired or not.

Sorry I read this post wrong.

Went through everything and I’m up and running