Cant get my torch to fire on new XL with THC upgrade

Have installed the THC and electronics upgrade on my new Crossfire XL. My plasma cutter is the Everlast 52i model with CNC output on back. Finally wired it up to raw voltage (similar to Toolboys method) when I fire the torch in manual straight cut mode, the raw voltage output shows 123 volts.
So I do have output raw voltage going into the VIM box (if thats what its called) BUT when I do the test by pressing the fire button, the torch will not fire.
I do not get any voltage output at the PV output of the VIM box.
Actually I do not know what voltage to expect even if its AC or DC and what value. Last Firday late evening I sent a request to Langmuir for help but only received a reply indicating they would reply.
I realize they must be busy and hope they will respond soon .
I think my VIM box may be defective ? anybody care to chime in. what should I check ???

Do you have you raw voltage cable going into the correct connection on the VIM box? (Not DIV)

the raw voltage around 123 volts (red and black cables) are the raw voltage going into the banana jack inputs on the top of the VIM box and the output (PV out) barrel jack has no voltage or resistance showing when I can get the torch to fire in manual straight cut mode

I just received two emails from Langmuir (about half hour after I started this thread)
first email today they gave me service request number 43510
second email today they gave me service request number 43512

I just looked back to the email I sent last Friday and that service request was number 43353 dated May 7th to which I have not heard anything.
I guess these guys are quite busy.

Now after all that and a lot of looking through the different threads, for some reason I now find the troubleshooting section for the THC - looks like i have some testing to do tomorrow.
Why did I not see this section before ??

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if you want some help later in the week I am willing to come over and help out if you are comfortable with that…
drop me a note if you want

Toolboy, Thanks very much for the offer to help, I have no problem with you coming over during covid. Moments after my last post above Langmuir emailed me they were sending me a replacement VIM box to my US business address and I will pick it up by middle of next week.
If I still have trouble after installing it I will contact you and take you up on your fine offer.

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