Can't cut a perfect circle

A guy needs 1.25" plugs cut from 1/16" steel.

You can see what is happening right where the lead in/out is. I’ve tried with just a lead in of difference lengths, both lead in and out. I have changed the entry angle and still have this problem. Using fusion 360 to create the circle and FireControl to cut it. Cutting at 120 ipm and 35 amps.

It looks like it could be pierce delay which used to be set in Fusion, but I believe it is now in FireControl? I’m unfamiliar with that, how do I set it and what would be a good number?


It really really depends what torch you’re using with what consumables.

I’m really curious why it’s not finishing the cut at the end?

Are you using torch height control?

Using THC, with Hypertherm 45 consumables.

I did have it complete many cuts, this was the only one that didn’t fall through the table so I could see where the problem was. I believe this cut didn’t finish since I turned the feed rate up and the amperage down. When the cut is complete it leaves that notch where the pierce happens. So I never end up with a perfect circle, they are all notched.

It would help to know which direction you are cutting. From the picture, I would assume that the cut outside the circle is a lead-in and it has not fully pierce when the motion starts. Then you have some sort of overcut that takes it past the lead in and leaves that divot at the end of the cut.

Pierce delay is always set in your CAM program, not in Firecontrol. You can override it in the positive or negative direction in Firecontrol, but it is always set in CAM.

I would suggest that you use a lead-out and increase your pierce delay.

This cut chart is for the hypertherm 45xp using standard 45 amp consumables

use these settings if you are using the hypertherm 45xp with stanadard 45amp consumables .

A longer radius lead in and lead out with a .4 perce delay.

Try that out.

(That clip is from the service manual. the operations manual may have slightly different settings.)

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Do you have work clamp directly clamped to your metal?

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Clamp is on the material to be cut. Where do I now adjust pierce delay with the fusion update? Also, what would you recommend for lead in and out?

I had no problems doing this some time ago, but since then fusion has been updated, I added THC, and switched to FireControl.

Thanks all!

.125 lead in and out with a radius . you have the room

You can see the problem I’m having after the piece has been cut out, look a the 3 o’clock position. Also attached is a screenshot of the settings. I have done this many times before, guessing an update has changed something.

Also, I’m running a first Gen table upgraded with Z axis running THC with a machine torch.


I don’t think I have the answer to your problem but I see you have the Lead Out option ticked. For all Powermax machines Hypertherm recommends NOT using lead out for material under 1/2” thick. I just happened to read it in a my new Duramax torch manual a couple days ago.

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