Cannot cut all the insides?

Hello all. Hoping someone can tell me why I am not able to cut the inside of the selected part? See attached image

All the other elements I can change the arrow to the inside. The diagonal part in the N will not convert to inside cut.

I am guessing because of the kerf and hard corners. Is there a way to fix this?

What is the gap measurement in between your diagonal piece and the straight pieces of the letter N? I believe if the gap is smaller then the diameter of the torch, the machine thinks it can’t cut that area. See if making that gap bigger helps

The gap between all the other letters is only .0416", which is way less than the torch settings.

I actually thought the same thing so I made sure to split that letter up and add more gap space. I am still having the same issue. I’ll keep playing around and hopefully someone has some answers.

I had issues on another file where it was doing the same thing, the arrow wouldn’t convert to an inside cut on half the letters. I ended up changing the font type to make them thicker to this font. Was trying to match similar to the sign in their projects folder. That font looks pretty thin in some areas and not sure why my wasn’t working. Thanks for the input.

Well after playing around with the lead-in settings for a while, I was able to get the tool path to show up and simulate cutting the inside of the letter. Still not quite sure what exactly did it but good to know in the future. Going to play around with the lead-in settings more and see what differences there are.

Note, the red arrow never showed up inside the cut path when clicking on it. I proceeded with the arrow closest to the path and seemed to work. I also cleared my cache in Autodesk 360 per another forum. Hope this helps someone else.

I’m not familiar with fusion360 and tool paths but there should be a kerf setting. that would have this affect