Can you recut and be successful?

I ran first run with wrong settings and it basically was still fused to metal. Fixed settings and it works fine on clean metal but tried to recut the initial run and it cut better but was still “fused” in place. Not even a hammer will knock it out. Is there a temporary setting to try that will burn through the old cut paths? Maybe increase cut speed?

Increase amps and air on plasma not speed.

Corrected the term volt for amp

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When you say voltage… I have a amp adjustment but don’t know voltage. And approximately how much to add?

Sorry…yes increase amps by 5 or 10 amps and 5 to 10 psi.
You will get a longer arc.
Turn off torch height control for this

Thank you sir!

So, I have tried this before, and had mixed results. I’ve learned the following from recutting.

Running a fresh arc over an already cut path to get to a partially cut path, has not worked in my favor. I hypothesize that the arc going through an already cut path is stretching itself to try and hit metal. This shortening the consumeables. This is not based on any formal research, I could be wrong.

Second, going back over a partial cut may not work because there may be dross buildup underneath. So when you try to go through it again, you’re trying to go through a thicker area. I have some 3/8 ar500 I was wrestling with and have cleaned off the dross on the backside in preparation for trying to cut it again.

@toolboy that may work for you, but depending on the cutter there may not be a psi adjustment. My hypertherm is internally regulated. Plus just telling firecontrol a new target voltage won’t mean it will hit the target voltage, but may stretch the arc trying to get there.

Was actually referting to the amps not voltage my mistake in the post which I should correct.
As for air pressure…I did not know that some plasma units do not have psi adjustments…

But I have done this with pretty good results and a lot of grinding after…

I have PSI and amps… Could figure out volts with ohms law but having amps upfront saved the time. Appreciate the input. I will give it a try since you started me off on the right foot.

Gonna give it a try… It goes over the first cut with no problem… just didnt cut it clean or through with the “good” settings. Just made less dross and almost made it through. Ill give the psi/ amp adjustments to see if it can be saved. It was going to be trashed anyway… might as well try. Thanks for the input!

Pull it off the table and grind off the dross on the partial cuts and you can run it again with the same settings.

Adjust the cut speed slower in firecontrol.

Just curious, what’s the material and what were the wrong settings in the first place? I definitely would not recommend multiple tries to blast through something without cleaning off dross. If you aren’t cutting through the second time or you’re slowing it down way too much, something else is wrong. Ask me how I know…

I had it set up for 12 gauge… forgot my previous settings for 3/16… thought I remembered but obviously didnt. It was like 45 ipm/ .5 pierce delay/ .060 cut height and 35 amps and I believe .080 pierce height. It works for thinner stuff but not for 3/16. They were couple of small parts… not that big of a deal as for waste but I definitely need to fine tune a chart that works for me. I keep going back to several sources and they all are different and all dont seem to be the best for my setup. Its a work in process… lol.