Can Someone Generate G-Code for Me PLEASE?

Hi Folks,

My machine is all set up, but when I got into this, I didn’t realize I was gonna have to buy a whole new computer to run Fusion360, and it looks like there’s no other option for me (as a Mac user) to do the CAM work for FireControl.

I’d like to make these parts asap, so can anyone help me while I shop for a new computer?
I just need the g-code for two simple triangular pieces with a few holes in them in 1/8 mild steel.
Please PM me with your email address and I’ll send you the DXFs.


I am not overly familiar with MAC…can you run Linux?..if so sheetcam is there…less computing power…and does gcode…

You can run Sheetcam in Parallels.

You can do the drawing (CAD) in Inkscape or Affinity Designer.

I run sheetcam in parallels. Works great. Three finger swipe to go to windows OS. I loathe subscription based software, but Parallels is worth it to me.

I cannot tolerate the trackpad on my dell that I bought for the shop. It is simply inferior.

I’ll run your code. Send me the file and tell me the travel speed and pierce delay. If you don’t know, I’ll make it 150 and 1.5 seconds which should give you enough adjustability in firecontrol to get it into spec.

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Many Thanks to “Tom-TFAR” for stepping up and cranking these out!
I got lucky today and found a college kid selling his perfect MacBook Pro for a nice price so I can now get up to speed with Fusion360!
Thanks to all other who also offered to take the files or offered solutions.

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Affinity, parallels, sheetcam.

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Settle down lol


I definitely see it’s potential and abilities, it’s just not optimal for my simple needs. I can see it in my future when I retire from my day job and need to calculate bends and what not. Until then…


official date for me is September 30…this year…then full time on this pastime…