Can I restart a project midway?

If I have some sort of issue whether it be air compressor or consumable whatever it may be that causes the plasma to stop firing is there a way in Mach 3 to restart the project from where it messed up

You can always run it back through with your plasma cutter off then stop mach3 before you get where you need to cut and turn plasma on that way you dont have to go in and edit your g code

That’s be what I have done in the past just figured there had to be a better way

You can restart from a certain line in your gcode. Hopefully someone can chime in and explain how because I’m not that guy, but I know its possible

Let’s say you stop mid program cause of a tip up or plasma didn’t fire. In mach 3 you’ll see the g-code in the window on the left. You will also see where you are visually at on the part in the window on the right. Let’s say the torch didn’t fire on g-code line 50 (line number shown to the right of the stop button) or N200 (arbitrary numbers) with m-code of M3 (this is torch on) and you pressed the stop or hold button. What I do is scan thru the g-code and find the last M5 code (torch off) before the program was stopped, let’s say line 35 or N150. I make sure this line is highlighted and click the run from here button (directly under line display). Press cycle start. A dialog box will pop up. Make sure you uncheck the box that says start spindle. Otherwise the torch will fire at this spot. Then click ok. Then click cycle start. The machine will move to the line before the M5. Click cycle start again. The machine and program will start normally.