Buying my first plasma table

Hello everyone im looking for some advice. im going to buy my first plasma table. and im on the fence between the cross fire with the xl kit or the new arcdroid im look for my best bang for my buck. Any advice or info would be helpful

There is a wealth of knowledge here not sure about the other machine. I have run a pro for almost 2 years with moderate use very reliable…

A word of advice no table is plug and play do your research on plasma machines and need for clean dry air to be productive.


Welcome to the neighborhood. The Arcdroid has some interesting features for quick replacement of small parts. The range is very small, but it looks like a good niche product for just that purpose.

The Crossfire is very straightforward CNC XY system that has a range of sizes. It depends on what you’re looking for.


I was considering multiple brands as well. I don’t know anything about the arcdroid machine….

The reason I ultimately chose the Langmuir table over the other brands was because of the support you get in this forum. None of the other brands I was considering had anything close to the help you get here. I probably spent 6 months plus looking into it before I pulled the trigger. Much of that time I spent lurking here. Although I had had a plasma cutter for years before my purchase this was my first time using any type of CNC machine. The Knowledge of having top notch support and help from this community gave me allot of confidence spending the money to start a new hobby.


Thank you for the info :pray: