Build #69 or whatever

Got impatient and couldn’t wait one more day, went and picked it up myself. Also FYI it didn’t occur to me how wide these pallets are and it just barely squeezes between the fender wells. So keep that in mind for anyone else going that route. I’ll try to keep anyone updated that’s interested


Looking good thanks for sharing. Excited to see another build in the works! P.s. Really living up to that username :rofl:


A child at heart :sweat_smile:

Ready for mud I reckon

Don’t worry about my dirty walls and floor, its fine.


Thats not dirt its man glitter!


All ready for concrete, and while I wait for dad to show up to give me a hand here are my thoughts/tips so far;

1- Non issue really but the fittings on the bottoms of the corner drains should be straight and not tapered which causes the silicone 90 to want to push off when over tightened if you’re an 200lb gorilla such as myself. Solution: don’t be a 200lb gorilla.

2- On the vertical risers for the y-axis mounts, I found the inside edge needed a good camfer on it with a file to account for the tool raidus on the mating part. I found this out by using a flashlight from the other side after the fasteners were tightened. Then quickly realized its not going to matter soon as you install shims anyway so :man_shrugging:

3- When checking for coplanarity the support tube under the tray seemed to help stabilize the indicator base from shaking around.

4- Cut some 2 15/16" carboard squares from one of your many boxes as corner drain blocks during mud and epoxy process.

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Totally agree with your number 1. I had a lot of trouble keeping the elbow on while tightening down. They should remove the taper and even add a lip to keep the elbow on while tightening the hose clamp.

Should just zip tie it. Once the concrete sets its not going anywhere

Mud went ok, definitely mixed too wet. Fan and a warm shop helped with that and was able to trowel it out decent but it almost got away from me. Hopefully its alright and the epoxy covers up my mistakes


Don’t sweat the imperfections in your mud. Epoxy fills all the voids, low spots and ruffness. You are REALLY gonna like the surface, after you put on the epoxy. FYI, I have 1/2" of epoxy material left in each of my 2 containers, after floating my table.


I guess I’m more concerned with structural integrity than I am with looks. Some exposed aggregate in areas that wouldn’t flow out very well. Langmuir should have said 4pts so everyone would mix in 5pts :sweat_smile:


Check your enclosures for loose fasteners haha

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Finally got around to the epoxy coat. Turned out really nice, I’m actually pleased with it.

Went to see where coplanarity was at, no ones gonna believe me but it was only .001" out. I even checked with the indicator in different locations because I didn’t believe it myself haha. Anyway, onwards and upwards, hopefully be making chips by next week sometime


Looking great. Let the fun begin…
Nice clean job. :ok_hand:

Mine was -0.0015 out, threw a fine shim under one side and it went to +0.0015 out and I gave up after that.


Waiting on replacement parts, again. Figured I may as well get started on my enclosure. Starting to think i should’ve just spent the extra 600 bucks haha. Oh well, turning out decent so far


Nice to see a custom enclosure. I’m planning on doing similar to save some money. Figured it would be a good project while the concrete sets.

Yeah I’ve definitely saved a few bucks, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Still gotta get the lexxan but luckily I have a friend that has the hookup on that so overall will be cheaper than LS manufactured one

Finally making progress on this thing, life keeps getting in the way unfortunately. Still need some lexxan for the doors but it can wait. Hopefully surface the baseplate tonight. Flood coolant, laptop stand, and leveling feet then I think its ready to move into its final position.