BSOD when manually killing power to table control box

Windows 10 did an update today and now whenever I have to kill the power on the ‘control box’ for the table the touchscreen does the ‘something went wrong, sending report and rebooting’.

I have not yet made any cuts with the table as I am still at the stage of trying to get the break in program to run through without having a binding issue, hence the numerous power resets. I can only assume it was the windows update as it did not happen yesterday which was my first day attempting the break in program. Just making a note of it in case others run into the same problem and it turns out to be a windows issue.

Not sure where to check the logs as I have not used windows since xp.

Is Firecontrol running at the time you cut power? If so, does it do it when Firecontrol is not trying to talk to the Control box (Firecontrol application not running)?

It only crashes if firecontrol is open and running and I turn off the power to the control box. If I close firecontrol prior to turning off the controller box, then windows does not crash.

That is what I suspected. Although this may be new after a Windows update the behavior is not uncommon and somewhat expected. In essence you are unplugging the serial communication with the PC and the error logic in the driver is unhappy. Langmuir might look into it but I would just ensure Firecontrol is not loaded when you decide to power off the control box. I have various older pieces of hardware on a home automation computer that will act in a similar manner.